Different La La Loopsy Dolls to Match Your Character

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Different La La Loopsy Dolls to Match Your CharacterLalaloopsy dolls are quickly becoming one of the top rated and best-selling toys for little girls these days. They can be found everywhere – in Toys ‘R’ Us, shopping malls, kiosks, toy stands, and online stores. Lalaloopsy in stock vary depending on the current demand, although there is continuous production to meet the trend. There are 29 variations of Lalaloopsy in stock, not to mention the different accessories and clothing add-ons that you can buy separately. Kiddie videos and educational DVDs themed from these dolls are also out in the market today.

Every girl has her own personality and a unique character to separate her from the crowd. These characteristics make her special. Just like girls, Lalaloopsy dolls also have characteristics. Each doll is different from the other one. Every doll was created on a special day, which could be a celebrated day, a famous event, or a national holiday. The material from which these dolls were made also tells a lot about its character and personality. Every La La Loopsy in stock also has her/his own pet, hobbies, and certain traits. Let’s talk about some of the interesting and popular Lalaloopsy dolls.

La La Loopsy Twin Dolls Sets

Recently, the very first Lalaloopsy couple has been released: Lady Stillwaiting and Sir Battlescarred. They were modelled after the famous newlywed royalties Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton. Lady Stillwaiting has a pet unicorn while Sir Battlescarred has a pet dragon.

La La Loopsy Boys

While most of the Lalaloopsy in stock are female, there are a couple of boy dolls, too. One of them is Ace Fender Bender who was crafted out of a mechanic’s work suit. He was born on Henry Ford’s birthday. This doll loves the work-around of all stuff, taking things apart then putting them back together. He has a pet monkey.

La La Loopsy Special Editions

National Pastry Day serves as Suzette Le Sweet’s birthday, too. On December 9, this Lalaloopsy doll was sewn using a duchess’ dress. She just fancies walking around in her garden while eating pastries. She has a pet poodle.

One of the rarer Lalaloopsy in stock is Holly Sleighbells. She is definitely a collector’s item and the official Holiday 2011 Lalaloopsy doll. Using an elf’s costume, she was sewn on December 1. She has a reindeer for a pet.

On May 15, the International Nurses’ Day is celebrated. Over at Lalaloopsy world, this is also the birthday of Rosy Bumps ‘n Bruises, who was made from a part of a nurse’s uniform. Her motto is “safety first” and she loves her pet bear.

New La La Loopsy Dolls

Perhaps one of the nicest Lalaloopsy in stock, Toffee Cocoa Cuddles was sewn on National Hugs Day. She was created from a chocolate box on June 11. Being such a nice friend, Toffee always sends her friends cards, gifts, and notes. When she receives them in return, she can’t help but blush and feel nice and warm inside. Her pet is a chocolate lab.

There are many other Lalaloopsy in stock, all unique from the others in terms of clothing, birth dates, and characteristics. Surely, every little girl out there will find one that matches her own personality and fashion sense!

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